Blue Moon

By setting up my astrophotography rig for the night, I mentioned this clear view on daytime half moon. I took this moment to test the video function of ASIair Plus first time. It works very well. As video frame size is limited to 1920 x 1080 pixels, I decided to take three videos with different …

Globular Star Clusters

M 87 – Elliptical Galaxy in Virgo with Jet

M 87
M 87

Re-processed data of M 87 I imaged in April 2020. I was surprised to capture the giant jet emitted by the black hole in the center of M 87 with „just“ a 250/1000mm f4 system. Integrated exposure time is only around 1,5 hrs.

Hello visitors from „“

I decided to move my content to a blog-styled media… why? I was not satisfied anymore by the old style of structure… I wanted to be more flexible in sharing my impressions on earth and beyond earth – starting with my views at the night sky… Step by step I will bring back the impressions to this place… Please stay tuned… 🙂