We capture light emitted from objects of outer space and artificial light from earth which make structures & creations of the universe visible for our eyes.


This website shows images created by Matthias Völzer, owner and publisher of www.bilderverdacht.de. The purpose is to present these images to people who are interested in photography. This site is not a commercial site. Download of pictures and usage for other purposes without authorization upfront by the owner of these images is not allowed at all. Do you want to use images of this site for your own purposes, please write me an e-mail


For „Scenes on Earth“ I use since some years my CANON PowerShot G1X, which makes capturing high quality images very handy. The camera fits in any pocket is easy to pick up and carry around. No need to preselect the „right“ lens(es) you think you would need. For taking pictures with a need for long exposures I need just a small and lightweight tripod like the MANFROTTO beefree and I am ready to be creative in anyway. One exception – if you want to do images of fast moving things with a need of high speed focussing you should go with an other instrument. For my purposes I do not need any more a full format DSLR and heavy accessories to do high quality images.

For „Scenes beyond Earth“ I use a 250/1000mm Carbon Newtonian Telescope handmade in Germany and technically equipped by Lacerta in Austria. For wide field images I use a Lacerta ED APO 72/432mm. The cams I am using for shooting Deep Sky Objects are ZWO ASI183 and 294 MC Pro and for planetary imaging ZWO ASI290 MC. To support guiding I am using ZWO ASI290 MM Mini. The field flattener I am using is the Lacerta GPU Coma Corrector. To orchestrate imaging, guiding and mount control I am using ZWO ASIair and ASIair Plus which makes astrophotography much easier than having the PC in the field. For imaging the planets, I still use a PC and appropriate software like Sharp Cap and FireCapture. The Mount I am using is the Sky Watcher EQ6-R. To manage electrical power for the electronic components I am using „Pocket Powerbox“ from Pegasus Astro.


Matthias Völzer
22397 Hamburg